1888 Auctioneers Sale Number 4, on Tuesday 28th September 2021, is now available to view/download by visiting our website below.





1888 Auctioneers Limited is a new venture by partners Steven 'Sol' Solomon, Jason Gibbons & Warren Murray.


We have operated 'Footy Progs' as a Postal Auction partnership for 13 years.


We have the largest eBay store in the world, selling Football programmes and Sporting memorabilia under the infamous banner ‘BobFrankandElvis’.


We (Footy Progs) have also administered all of Sporting Memorys Live Auctions for the past 13 years, including the first ever sale held in South Normanton before moving the sales to Coleshill & then Acocks Green.


Steven & Jason worked for Robert Adcock at Sporting Memorys prior to setting up our partnership Footy Progs.


At the time of the economical crash in 2007 the 'football collecting industry' took a big hit and the prices of all top end items dropped dramatically.  As a consequence, Sporting Memorys made me & Jason redundant after 15 years of service.


Knowing the industry as we do, we believed that the market place would recover but felt if we were going to 'set up' on our own that the place we could make our biggest impact was at the 'bottom end', so we launched monthly 'Postal Auctions' & our infamous eBay store 'BobFrankandElvis'.


When the trade/economy started to recover, we were offered the chance to administer once again all of Sporting Memorys Auctions.13 years on and this is still the case.


Our knowledge of the industry is in-depth, we operate effectively and profitably on every level from the most collectable and valuable items to the standard ‘common’ programmes & collectables which many of our competitors simply refuse to handle.


From £250,000 grossing Live Auction sales, £2 items on our offers list and our much maligned “£2.99 with free postage” eBay store with over 200,000 items currently in stock, we know the market place on every platform and every level with the client base to match.


We are a full-time partnership and now limited business with the launch of ‘1888 Auctioneers Ltd’.


When Warren Murray left his job to join us full time in 2010 we took the partnership on to another level.  We have now taken on another member of staff as we continue to grow.


When Robert (Sporting Memorys) said he was not holding his August 2020 Auction, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, we (Footy Progs) felt the time was right to launch our own company and hold an ‘on-line’ sale in its place.


1888 Auctioneers Ltd’ was launched to specialise in ‘Live’ Auctions and our first ‘sole’ auction was held on: Tuesday 25th August 2020.


The first on-line auction was held in our office/warehouse premises and be broadcast globally on the saleroom.com.


We would like to offer YOU the opportunity to become a vendor for our up-coming sales.  You can submit suitable lots for up-coming sales.


If you have any items you would like to submit or would like to discuss in detail, then please email your details and we will get in contact.