1888 Auctioneers Sale No.6 - New Auction date: Wednesday 12th October (start time 10am) Due to logistical issues surrounding the Royal Mail strikes, we were concerned that these may have impacted the distribution of the brochure. Then the sudden death of Queen Elizabeth II and her impending Funeral, means the office will be closed on Monday 19th September. In addition, we will be travelling with England to Italy for the Nations League fixture, meaning the office will also be closed on Friday 23rd & Monday 26th September. Having discussed the potential impact of the above, we made the executive decision to delay the Auction by Two weeks to allow maximum exposure of the catalogue for all. We believe we have made the right decision and are now preparing the brochure to post to all our subscribers. These will be posted early next week (week commencing 19th September) as well as the on-line versions being up-loaded on-line. The full catalogue and images of every lot will be hosted on www.easyliveauction.com by Wednesday 28th September. Thanks for your understating and patience.

Please visit: www.1888auctioneers.com


1888 Auctioneers Limited is a new venture by partners Steven 'Sol' Solomon, Jason Gibbons & Warren Murray.


We have operated 'Footy Progs' as a Postal Auction partnership for 14 years.


We have the largest eBay store in the world, selling Football programmes and Sporting memorabilia under the infamous banner ‘BobFrankandElvis’.


Our knowledge of the industry is in-depth, we operate effectively and profitably on every level from the most collectable and valuable items to the standard ‘common’ programmes & collectables which many of our competitors simply refuse to handle.


From £250,000 grossing Live Auction sales, £2 items on our offers list and our much maligned “£2.99 with free postage” eBay store with over 200,000 items currently in stock, we know the market place on every platform and every level with the client base to match.


We are a full-time partnership and now limited business with the launch of ‘1888 Auctioneers Ltd’.


1888 Auctioneers Ltd’ was launched to specialise in ‘Live’ Auctions and our first ‘sole’ auction was held on: Tuesday 25th August 2020.


We would like to offer YOU the opportunity to become a vendor for our up-coming sales.  You can submit suitable lots for up-coming sales.


If you have any items you would like to submit or would like to discuss in detail, then please email your details and we will get in contact.